Ergin İMRE, Seahorse Magazine’ nin Kasım Ayı Yelkencisi Seçildi

TP52 2015 Dünya Üçüncüsü Provezza Yelken Takımı projesi sahibi Ergin İMRE, Seahorse Magazine Dergisi’ nin Kasım Ayı Yelkencisi seçildi.

Seahorse November 2015

Ergin and his family have been supporting big boat racing for as long as we remember. Always preferring to crew their boats with a mix of amateur and professional sailors, the family’s tireless efforts were at last properly rewarded with a bronze medal at the 2015 TP52 worlds onboard the latest Provezza. The emotionally charged result was vigorously welcomed by their rivals – unanimous in applauding a determined and enthusiastic crew
Why they won
‘A great leader and supporter of Turkish sailing’ – Baris Merzeci; ‘Mr Provezza also supports many young Turkish sailors’ – Levent Sensezgin; ‘He contributes a lot’ – Fazil Bener; ‘A great family man, he loves sailing at all levels’ – Gulden Aktugan; ‘Great sailor and inspiring background’ – Atilla Tumay; ‘Well done Mr Imre!’ – Omur Yarsuvat; ‘Very committed to Turkish sailing’ – Aysegul Torun; ‘Ergin is truly dedicated to his team’ – Levent Bas; ‘Ergin’s family help budding professionals from all over the globe’ – Ian Finlay.

EIErgin İmre’ yi ve Provezza Yelken Takımını gönülden kutlar, başarılarının devamını dileriz 😉

22/09/2015 – 11.40